The Wit's Shakesbeer


Shakesbeer (the people) is a collective of artists and vagabonds brought together by our love of Things Theatrical and Alcoholic. We found each other in venues like the ones in which we perform, and hung on tight because we like each other a lot. Some of us are based in Denver, CO, and some of us are based in Prescott, AZ. We make things in both places.

Shakesbeer (the project) is an abridged version of a Shakespeare play performed in a bar or a brewery, during which the actors and the audience drink together throughout the performance.

The performance is usually between 60 and 90 minutes long (we try to keep it on the short side, we promise), and stays mostly true to the original Shakespearean text with some inevitable, spontaneous improvisation.

The show is always free.

We believe that beer is delicious and that drinking it with your friends is fun.

We believe that art is essential and that it should be accessible to everyone.

We believe that going to The Theatre is neat, and also that it isn’t everyone’s cup of proverbial tea.

We believe that Shakespeare told awesome, epic, intimate, hilarious, poetic, heart-wrenching stories and that it would be a damn shame to let them collect dust on forgotten shelves.

We believe that there is something weird and wonderful about a group of people watching another group of people pretend to be people they are not, and we want to obliterate any distance between those groups of people.